A Manifesto for a Post-Covid Recovery

masked person with visor
masked person with visor

The Labour Party’s long tradition of supporting our residents is now, more than ever, necessary. The last year has been a very difficult one for many of our city’s residents and their families.

After making so many sacrifices over the last year, the people of Worcester deserve a local leadership that will work tirelessly to improve their welfare and standard of living.

Where the Conservatives, as the largest party at both City and County Council level, have failed to address the issues we face, taking advantage of your trust in them, we will provide leadership and revive our city’s economy.

installation of solar panel by local tradesperson
installation of solar panel by local tradesperson

The Worcester we want to see has a strong local identity; a sturdy and self-reliant local economy; plentiful, safe and affordable accommodation for all who need it; a sensible transport policy; a sense of community and togetherness. We want to see our city not only bounce back, but thrive.

We also understand that, for many of you, the idea of ‘bouncing back’ is simply not relevant, because life was extremely difficult for you even before the pandemic. We know this, and we are serious about addressing it.

Labour has the answers to the problems our city faces, but we need you to give us the opportunity to prove it.

Please make sure you use your votes this May for a party that understands you, cares about you, and will introduce measures to help you.

permanent way worker laying railway track
permanent way worker laying railway track


Housing & Community Development

Tackling the Housing Crisis

Worcester has a significant shortage of affordable homes and social housing and a rising problem with people sleeping rough. Labour councillors have already secured funding to help provide a full-time member of staff at the local Citizens Advice Bureau. A Labour-run council will uphold the rights of tenants and involve neighbourhoods in community planning. Labour will also explore the potential of a property development company to ensure appropriate standards and supply.

  •  Labour will make improvements in the private rented sector by introducing a landlord monitoring scheme to tackle rogue landlords and protect tenants
  • Labour will investigate the possibility of establishing a council-led property development company, and use this to encourage the building of quality and energy-efficient homes to be let at genuinely affordable prices
  •  Labour will ensure local developers honour their contractual commitments in relation to social housing and standards
  •  Labour will provide proper support and information to rough sleepers to help them off the streets as soon as possible
  •  Labour will invest in neighbourhood and community planning to give residents a real say in how their area develops and changes
  • Labour will take action against antisocial behaviour and low-level crime including drug dealing and speeding
Tackling the housing crisis: row of terraced houses
Tackling the housing crisis: row of terraced houses


Children and Families

Putting you First

Labour is concerned that residents feel their areas have lost a sense of community spirit, and wishes to tackle this by making greater use of existing community centres and libraries. Ensuring these hubs are well-used and appropriately staffed, we will give people the tools they need to support each other and revive our sense of community. Labour councillors have recently secured funding to help explore ways in which to reduce child poverty and have also ensured that the impact to children is explored whenever new policies are developed.

  • Labour will work with local groups and schools to turn Worcester’s community centres into active social hubs that will work to:
    • Reduce loneliness by becoming a space for family, friends and neighbours of all ages to meet
    • Tackle child poverty in the city by becoming centres for school uniform banks, school holiday food banks and the repurposing of IT equipment to help families with limited or no access to the internet
    • Help feed the hungry in our city by networking with food banks and investing in community food pantries / freezers
    • Support the unemployed by acting as training and retraining centres
  • Labour will see that these spaces are properly staffed and are able to keep to flexible opening hours
  • Labour will ensure that all public spaces in Worcester have proper disability access and facilities
Labour will ensure that all public spaces in Worcester have proper disability access and facilities
Labour will ensure that all public spaces in Worcester have proper disability access and facilities


Our Local Environment

Green Economic Recovery

Worcester has poor air quality, which is due to excess traffic and congestion. Labour has already secured a target of 2030 for Worcester to become carbon-neutral. This will involve promoting more usage of public transport as well as cycling and walking. Labour is the only party that can and will take the necessary steps to meet these challenges.

  • Labour will reduce air and noise pollution from traffic
  • Labour will ensure equal access for people across the city to nature and green spaces and we will work to bring nature into the heart of the city with new green spaces
  • Labour will make Worcester a safer and easier place in which to walk and cycle
  • Labour will work with the County Council to improve and encourage the use of public transport and secure better bus services across the city
  • Labour will create a food action plan which will include increasing allotment space and promoting local food production and sale
  • Labour will look to de-carbonise transport in Worcester to tackle the growing threat of climate crisis
solar panels
solar panels


Our Local Economy

Business Recovery

Labour is acutely aware of the need for a business recovery strategy to take us forwards to a post-Covid-19 recovery. Labour’s priority will be to support local businesses and their employees. Leading by example is important, and Labour councillors have ensured that the City Council will become an accredited Living Wage employer ensuring that not only council employees are paid a Real Living Wage, but also sub-contractors. Encouragement will also be given to local businesses and initiatives that pay the Real Living Wage and support apprenticeships and retraining.

  • Labour will create a business recovery plan which will look at how we can help employers in Worcester with business rates and rents
  • Labour will invest in local re-skilling and retraining schemes to support those whose employment has been affected by the pandemic
  • Labour will incentivise local industry and business in order to keep money in the city
  • Labour will encourage entrepreneurship and new start-ups
  • Labour will support local workers seeking to unionise their workplaces
  • Labour will encourage the payment of the Real Living Wage in Worcester
  • Labour will adopt the Unison Apprenticeship Charter to ensure our young people have dignity and security in well-paid apprenticeships
Labour will create a business recovery plan which will look at how we can help employers in Worcester with business rates and rents
Labour will create a business recovery plan which will look at how we can help employers in Worcester with business rates and rents
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