Keir Starmer will today warn that there are “no easy routes out of the crisis the Government has got us into on Brexit.”

 Speaking at the Fabian New Year Conference, Starmer will say Parliament needs to have an “open and frank debate about how to break the deadlock.”

 The Shadow Brexit Secretary will outline Labour’s priorities over the coming weeks and the options available to the party to protect against no deal, including campaigning for a public vote. 

On Theresa May’s approach to the negotiations, Starmer is expected to say:

 “This has been, even by recent standards, an extraordinary week. It was the week that proved this Government is incapable of delivering a Brexit deal that can unite the country, Parliament or even the Conservative Party.

 “The Prime Minister suffered the largest defeat of any government in history and did so on the defining issue of this Parliament.

 “In normal times, that would mean a new Prime Minister and a new Government. But these aren’t normal times.

 “We have a government that can’t govern. A Brexit deal that has no chance of getting through Parliament. And a Prime Minister who stubbornly refuses to drop the very red lines that led to this crisis.

 “People often praise the Prime Minister for her resilience. But, what the Prime Minister is doing right now is not resilience. It’s reckless. Ploughing on without a plan while the country lurches from one crisis to another.” 

On how Parliament can break the deadlock, he will say:

 “It’s now time for an open and frank debate about how we break the deadlock.

 “In less than two weeks’ time, Parliament will once again be asked to consider the options available in this process.

 “There are no easy routes out of the mess this Government has got us into on Brexit. Difficult decisions are going to have to be made by Parliament.

 “For too long the Prime Minister has offered the country false hope and false promises.

 “She has failed to be straight with the public about the consequences of the choices she has taken.

 “Now is the time for an honest debate. And for credible solutions to emerge.”

Keir Starmer: "no easy routes out of Tory Brexit crisis".
Keir Starmer: "no easy routes out of Tory Brexit crisis".
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