The Tories’ chaotic handling of Brexit has left our country in crisis. People’s jobs and industries are at risk.

What’s more – and you may not have noticed this amongst the screaming headlines – Labour has a clear, principled strategy for resolving this mess and for healing the artificial rift in our country caused by Brexit, and has done so all along.

Worcester Labour Party members are out on the doorstep campaigning hard to get out our message of fairness, prosperity, optimism and practicality for the European Elections on 23rd May.

Austerity has failed miserably. Our education, jobs, pay, health service – everything we’ve come to expect in a civilised country –  have been hacked away over the last nine years. Meanwhile the UK is home to more than 6% of all millionaires globally even UK citizens make up less than 0.01% of the global population, and their wealth continues to grow. Last year, the 1000 richest people in Britain became £50billion richer at the same time as 1.6million food parcels were handed out to he poorest – half a million of them to children.

Labour will end austerity, invest in communities, protect our public services, and ensure those with the broadest shoulders pay their fair share. It is austerity that has fuelled the artificial divisions in our society, of leave and remain, as our citizens become angrier at the hardships endured while living in a conspicuously wealthy country. These artificial divisions will be exploited by some politicians in this campaign to garner support for their own positions on one side of the Brexit divide or another. Labour recognises that the real divisions in our society are between rich and poor, between those who work for a living and/or receive benefits in order to survive and between those who live in luxury and don’t need to work thanks to things like money inherited from ancestors, ruthless exploitation of tax-loopholes, high-return investments on the back of industries that don’t respect human rights, consumer standards, environmental protections, and rights at work.

People can debate the moral rights and wrongs of inequality and whether it’s good for the economy (it isn’t, by the way). Worcester Labour Party – like the party nationally – think that we need a society that works for the many: and not the few. For those millions of us that have been hit hard by austerity and not the few super-rich people that are not only immune to its effects but are benefitting from this unfairness.

Labour will continue to oppose the Government’s bad deal or a disastrous no deal because of the harm they will do to everyone except a wealthy few. And if we can’t get agreement along the lines of our alternative plan, or a general election, Labour backs the option of a public vote.

Read more about Labour’s position and European manifesto here:

Worcester Labour Party campaigners on the doorstep: we want to heal the artificial division caused by Brexit.
Worcester Labour Party campaigners on the doorstep: we want to heal the artificial division caused by Brexit.
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